The Illinois Supreme Court filed disciplinary orders against a number of licensed lawyers Wedneday, Jan. 21

In 1 on February 1, 2009 at 6:21 am

Sanctions were imposed because the lawyers engaged in professional misconduct by violating state ethics law, according to the court.

They include:

• John Deangelis of Skokie, whose practice was listed at 8820 Skokie Blvd. Deangelis, who was licensed in 1992, was suspended for one year, beginning Feb. 10. The court ruled he converted $6,582 from a client and $12,500 from his former law firm employer.

• Alan Hanson, whose practice was listed at 7151 W. Gunnison St., Harwood Heights. Hanson, who was licensed in 1979, was disbarred. The court ruled he converted client settlement funds, neglected a workers' compensation matter and abandoned his law practice. Hanson failed to participate in the disciplinary proceeding.

• Raymond Henehan, whose practice was listed at 1603 Burning Oak Trail, Barrington Hills. Henehan, who was licensed in 1976, was disbarred. The court ruled he misappropriated almost $100,000 in client funds and neglected a client's bankruptcy matter.

• Robert Kent, whose practice was listed at 427 Elm St., Deerfield. Kent, who was licensed in 1994, was suspended for 30 days, beginning Feb. 10. The court ruled he failed to preserve the identity of approximately $1,500 in escrow funds in a marriage dissolution case.

• Mark Kipnis, formerly of Northbrook, whose practice was listed at 889 S. Randall Road, Elgin. Kipnis, who was licensed in 1974, was disabarred on consent. While employed as general counsel to Hollinger International, the court ruled he created illusory non-compete agreements as part of a scheme to disguise kickbacks to management employees and Hollinger officers. Kipnis was convicted in federal court of mail fraud, and sentenced to five years of probation, with six months home detention.

• Charles Whelan Jr., whose practice was listed as 190 Old Sutton Road, Barrington. Whelan, who was licensed in 1968, was suspended for two years, provided he makes restitution. The court ruled he assisted his wife, who is a disbarred attorney, in the unauthorized practice of law. He also converted client funds, neglected two client matters, failed to refund unearned fees and did not return client records. Whelan failed to appear at his disciplinary hearing.

The Attorney Registration and Disciiplinary Commission, an agency of the Illinois Supreme Court, investigates alleged wrongdoing by Illinois attorneys, holds hearings on specific charges and recommends discipline where warranted. The Supreme Court is, however, the only authority that can discipline lawyers for misconduct. Source


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