Holland & Knight lawyer making fool of himself and his firm in little league episode

In 1 on January 29, 2009 at 5:44 pm

This would be hard for me to believe but for some of the pieces of
work I met while coaching little league and practicing law.
From the St. Pete’s Times, Fred Grady, a lawyer at Holland & Knight in
Tampa, was coaching his son’s little league team. A spectator said
Grady hit one of the kids with a water bottle which he then denied. As
Peter Lattman of the WSJ Law Blog, my source for this post, explains,
things didn’t stop at that.
…Grady was asked to leave the premises. According to the account, a
series of e-mail exchanges followed between Grady and in which Grady
threatened legal action if he didn’t receive a letter of apology.
Grady reportedly wanted the letter sent to all parents, players and
coaches on his son’s team, and he wanted it in time for the
end-of-the-season party so he could read it aloud. Later, Grady
reportedly sent league president Monica Wooden a letter on Holland &
Knight stationery, which stated that the league officers’ actions and
accusations damaged him.
Lattman thought it strange that a letter would come out on Holland &
Knight stationery. But of course, ‘It is Holland & Knight’s policy
that firm letterhead be used only for firm business and in
representation of firm clients,’ said a firm spokeswoman. ‘In this
case, Mr. Grady complied with firm policy and followed proper
procedures. Holland & Knight has been engaged in this matter. As such,
we cannot further comment on a pending matter.’
Grady and the law firm ought to see the favorable impressions they’re
making on what I am sure is the most widely read blog by America’s
in-house counsel. From one commentator already:
As for this “attorney” being “damaged”, one hopes that his trousers
weren’t “damaged”. Then this little league would surely be bankrupted
by the mighty Holland & Knight! In any case, I think I will cross
Holland & Knight off of my list of candidate law firms for our
corporate work.

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