Holland and Knight attorneys help Osama Bin Laden’s brother Khalil wrap up his business interests before leaving the country.

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Federal Law Enforcement, Corporate Counsel and Private Practice Lawyers Knew of Mohammed Atta’s Continuing Presence in Orlando, Florida in Early 2001

February 8, 2008 by Robby Scott Hill 

The Secret Service’s Preisdential Advance Team ran across Atta in Orlando while preparing for a visit by President Bush and the US Customs Service knew that Osama Bin Laden’s brother Khalil who lived in West Orange County had provided Atta and his friends with financial assistance including sham marriages to American women, so they could maintain their residence in the United States. Further, we knew that he had been radicalized by the untimely death and possible assasination of his distant cousin Egyptian businessman Dodi Al Fayed, the boyfriend of Princess Diana, in 1997 among other incidents.  The private law firm of Holland and Knight whose attorneys also worked for Florida East Coast Industries would later help Khalil wrap up his business interests in the US and help sell his mansion before leaving the country at about the same time that the 9/11 Commission began to formally look into his activities in the US.

Most embarassing is that CIA Activity Orlando was fully aware of Mohammed Atta’s presence in Orlando, Florida and it allowed him to continue operating without providing reports to the FBI, the NSA or other federal agencies.

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