Blagojevich – Holland & Knight Memorandum of Understanding

In 1 on January 24, 2009 at 5:08 am
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GatesMOU.pdf (38 KB)

Holland & Knight will also broadly identify possible policy objectives and strategies relating to these policy areas.
Holland & Knight will coordinate the development of a step-by-step action plan to address each selected initiative.
The action plan will include recommendations for: (i) other external partners that can assist with the implementation of the initiative; (ii) necessary staffing and/or contractual support needed to carry out the initiative; and (iii) identifying and obtaining the other necessary resources to carry out the initiative.

Holland & Knight will coordinate directly with members of ISBE and the Governor's Office to assist with the management and implementation of policy change. Holland & Knight will provide semiannual detailed reports to the Governor, State Board, and State Superintendent on the status of the partnership's initiatives and anticipated activities during the next six months, providing an opportunity for the State's leadership to evaluate outcomes and future policy directions. More frequent reports on specific issues will be provided upon request.

The services provided by Holland & Knight within the scope of this partnership will be at no cost to the State.

The Governor's Office and ISBE agree that the state-specific policy planning arising out of the partnership can be shared with Foundation staff, other states, and other core partners assisting the Foundation on its national college and work readiness initiatives.

The partnership formed under this Memorandum of Understanding will extend until June 30, 2008, with an option for renewal by all parties dependent on a review of the services performed, State needs, and policy outcomes.

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