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Theres’s a shadowy figure making Holland & Knight’s online footprints. What’s worse, whoever this is, is controlling the direction the conversation is going and it’s not pretty.

Since the end of December, @hklaw has been sending out on Twitter Tweets at the rate of approximately 20 per day. The tweets contain links that lead readers back to <a href=",%20“>Investigator – Law Firm, whose profile lists s ix other sites are lists, each describing it’s contents as “Information, Articles and Complaints involving Holland & Knight Attorneys.”

(Bear in mind that tweets are mini blog entries, and discoverable by search engines) The problem is, none of the blogs or the @hklaw Twitter page belong to the Holland & Knight law firm, who's URL is
I got wind of this when I retweeted one of HK Law’s posts, giving accolades to the firm for being forthright in their communication. @carolynelefant responded with “Did H&K put that stuff out?” So, I reviewed the tweets on hklaw’s Twitter page, and saw that the links contained in them lead back to HKLaw Investigator.

HK Law Investigations currently has 7 SEO online platforms publishing negative content

Investigator – Law Firm

HK Law blog on Blogger

HKLaw Investigation

HK LAW on Twitter

HK Law Investigation

Holland & Knight Investigation

What’s so?
Holland & Knight’s official website, is beautifully designed with an abundance of viable information reflecting it’s commitments. Their corporate communications area has been diligently producing newsletters covering the span of the firm’s practices. They also send out press releases at the rate of approximately 2 per month.

Journalists are picking up on HKLaw Investigation’s information too, and every article that gets published on the internet containing anything negative about Holland and Knight is being republished on these sites. This is a vicious circle.

What’s not happening?

Holland & Knight is not generating and publishing their own positive, web friendly, interactive information themselves. They don’t have a blog, they don’t have a Twitter presence, and they’re not monitoring their online conversation and interacting accordingly.

The newsletters and articles they are publish are not internet friendly, interactive, or detectable by search engines. Therefore, the communication coming from Holland & Knight is doing nothing to combat the negative coverage that HKLaw Investigations is distributing.

I sent an e-mail to their media relations department to ensure they are aware of what was going on. If they were, there should be something/anything, that interacted with and acknowledged HKLaw Investigation’s commentary, or at the very least – their existence.

How can legal marketers do?

It will be very interesting to see what Holland & Knight does to rectify this situation. This scenario could have been avoided if Holland & Knight’s marketing and media relations areas were watching their news with some simple tools. Or ,at the very least quieted it within the first few blog posts and Tweets sent out.

Ford’s head of social media, Scott Monty, was able to avoid a public relations crisis by doing exactly that.

Legal marketers, if you are not at the forefront of your online conversation someone else is going to be. I can not stress this enough. Obviously, now is not the time to be cutting back on your firm’s social media budget and be caught with your guard down. Law firms, if you’ve been skeptically sitting back on your heels waiting for evidence to prove social media’s viability for the legal industry, the jury’s verdict has just come in.


Posted by Kara Smith – Karasma Media at 10:03 AM
Kara Smith, Principal & Founder

Posted via email from HKLaw Investigation


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