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In 1 on January 3, 2009 at 6:14 pm
Christopher Marston said…
No question. We are extremely passionate about the ethical issues we solve through transparency in pricing. You are probably aware of the Holland & Knight billing fraud scandal where a partner and whistleblower caught the firm billing for more than $100,000 in time that was never put it. What's worse, a Partner actually tried to justify the fraud, saying "that the amount of the bill was consistent with the value of time put in". . . . which is not only an admission of compelte fraud, but a statement of outrageous and out of control the system is. The problem: There is no federal body regulating this
perfect crime" and noone has an interest in speaking up. See my post on this case at: (Aug 31st Post)

Hopefully, we can inspire more professionals to be a part of the solution and examine the practices of our profession to create a better future.


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