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In Holland & Knight on December 27, 2008 at 9:07 pm

Florida Lawyer Playing Hardball in Little League Dispute

Posted by Ashby Jones

llIt seems like every other day, there’s some story out there about alleged parental misbehavior at a little league game. But what puts one of these tales in the Law Blog’s strike zone, so to speak, is when one of these parents toils at a big law firm and, in the midst of the dispute, rolls out the law-firm letterhead.

The saga’s playing out in Tampa. Here’s the backstory, courtesy of the St. Pete Times: Fred Grady, a construction lawyer at Holland & Knight in Tampa, was filling in as a coach for his son’s team, when an episode broke out concerning a plastic drink bottle (A spectator says she saw Grady hit a child with a bottle; Grady denies the allegation).

In any event, Grady was asked to leave the premises. According to the account, a series of e-mail exchanges followed between Grady and in which Grady threatened legal action if he didn’t receive a letter of apology. Grady reportedly wanted the letter sent to all parents, players and coaches on his son’s team, and he wanted it in time for the end-of-the-season party so he could read it aloud. Later, Grady reportedly sent league president Monica Wooden a letter on Holland & Knight stationery, which stated that the league officers’ actions and accusations damaged him.

Holland & Knight stationery? Sounded strange to us, until we learned that, yes, the firm is somehow involved. “It is Holland & Knight’s policy that firm letterhead be used only for firm business and in representation of firm clients,” said a firm spokeswoman. “In this case, Mr. Grady complied with firm policy and followed proper procedures. Holland & Knight has been engaged in this matter. As such, we cannot further comment on a pending matter.”

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